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Berlin: „The Golden Temple. Olypmpic regeneration at east London“ (Filmscreening, 10.02. // 6 pm)

I’am happy to announce a fimscreening at our Department for Urban and Regional Sociology at Humboldt-University:


The Golden Temple. Olypmpic regeneration at east London.
A film by Enrico Masi, 2013

Monday, 10th Februray at 6 pm

Universitätsstraße 3b, room 002

After the film screening there will be a discussion with film’s director Enrico Masi from Bologna

Directors Statement:

„This is not classical documentary about the Olympics. We’re building a film about the capitalism’s extreme unction, the explicit show of its decay. The paradox of austerity. As a kid trying to fill the sea with sand, a titanic and apocalyptic deed, I tried to understand the Olympics process, while it was going on in the city of London, where I moved for personal reasons, just when the virus was growing. What was going on in me was the approaching to a massive collective event, in the heart of capitalism, in the city from the colonial journey to the beginning of digital primitives. A unique opportunity to deal with people coming from a distant and mysterious district, Stratford. A different world, in the boundaries of the city, with diverse urban dynamics that upset commonplace, in a contest of unprecedented ethnic and linguistic contamination. This section is about my life, in a city that is subjected to the Olympics process, changing in life of people living around the district, before and after the event.“

Enrico Masi (1983) is an italian musician and film director and founder of Caucaso study centre in 2004. Educated in Bologna through Literature, Music and Cinema, in 2008 he started working as aa visual anthropologist
and researcher.The Golden Temple, his debut longmetrage, was premiered in Venice 2012. Currently involved in the writing and pre production of his second film, in between Brasil and Europe.

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